Reliable Responsiveness, Solves IT Issues

Valley IT Solutions is an asset to our manufacturing business. Their knowledge is unmatched, and they are always available to us when IT issues arise. Every business needs a reliable IT company and I highly recommend Valley IT Solutions. Give them a call today.

Ron Hall Director of Manufacturing
GOW-MAC Instrument Company

A Cybersecurity Savior!

A ransomware attack is an emergency you do not want. Valley IT Solutions helped us fast – and stuck with us until the problem was solved. I chose to work with them because they are a small company who cares about providing reliable service. Valley IT Solutions’ deep knowledge of networking, security cameras, phones and Microsoft products are critical to my business – as are their budget-friendly rates.

Richard Daku President
Daku Auto Body Shop

Budget-Friendly, Knowledgeable Non-Profit Support

As a non-profit, budget is always a key issue. Valley IT Solutions provides us with the ability to stay on budget while receiving seamless IT services. Roy and his team are always responsive to urgent needs. They give us numerous options for addressing our organizational needs and their multi-faceted knowledge benefits us when we need to integrate other IT-related and Assistive Technology systems into our operations.

Valley IT Solutions is instrumental in keeping us in business. They flipped the switch for us – ensuring our operations remained flowing, even as the pandemic moved most operations to remote status overnight. I’m particularly grateful that they even handle research on added systems we may need, saving us considerable time and money. Thank you for your patience and determination!

Amy Beck Executive Director
Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living

Personal, Friendly & Fast Service

The best part about working with Valley IT Solutions is your friendly, personal touch. We don’t feel like just a number to be served. You always respond quickly, handling things right away – and you take time to explain everything. Valley IT Solutions provides an excellent service for our dollars.

Jill Garcia Borough Secretary/Manager
Wilson Borough Government

A Vital Part of Our Team

I haven’t worked with other IT companies, but based on my experience with Valley IT Solutions, I wouldn’t want to. You know our unique needs and you’re always willing to help take us where we need to go next. I appreciate your personal touch and your responsiveness in any situation. Valley IT Solutions is a no-brainer. If you want an IT company who will be there when you need them and who will do everything, they can help you figure out what you need, you’ll want to call them today!

Seth Hoderewski Director of Transition Services
Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living

Customized & Affordable IT Support for Small Business

It’s difficult for a small business like ours to get good service and customized support at an affordable rate. Valley IT Solutions gives me great service, tailored support and expert knowledge. I called you when I realized I was doing my company a disservice by being our in-house IT person. I was missing updates leading to dangerous vulnerabilities and there’s no way I would have been able to roll out new computers and Office 365 without professional help. It’s difficult to choose an IT provider because every small business has different setups and needs. If you want a top-notch IT service who delivers day or night - or whenever the need arises - you should call Valley IT Solutions.

Jonathan Epstein Principal
Berger-Epstein Associates, Inc.

Peace of Mind Security

I’ve worked with other IT firms, and I can say that Valley IT Solutions is the best in the business when it comes to response time. I can relax knowing our systems are secure at an affordable cost. If anything were to go wrong, I know you’ll be here faster than anyone else would be. I highly recommend you give Valley IT Solutions an opportunity to prove what they can do.

Jeff Wiswesser Director of Industrial Service Division
Welder Training & Testing Institute

Dedicated Problem Solvers Who Care

Valley IT Solutions takes time to get to know your business. Their level of dedication means they always respond in ways that best meet our needs. The almost-immediate service when there is an issue still amazes me. What more can you ask for? Great service, fair rates, and a caring IT team to support your business.

Joe Michener Director of Employment Services
Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living

Persistent Problem Solvers

With Valley IT Solutions, nothing is ever left undone. Their team responds quickly and keeps working to resolve any IT issue until the problem is solved. FlexCom’s been in business in the Lehigh Valley for 30 years and we have experience with several IT firms. I have to say that Valley IT Solutions is – by far – the best IT firm I’ve worked with, and I highly recommend them. You should put them to work for your business.

James Wall President

Secure Data Monitoring & Total Customer Satisfaction

The single best benefit for me in using Valley IT Solutions is not having to worry (at all) about my IT support! I know my data is being backed up and monitored - and I know if any problems, viruses, or questions arise the response is quick and thorough. Roy’s willingness to go the extra mile - to make sure everything is running smoothly, problems are resolved, and we are completely satisfied - is unique when it comes to IT companies. And the bonus is they are very nice people to work with.  I was with my former IT support team for over 20 years and switched to Valley IT Solutions in 2019. My only regret is that I did not switch sooner. It would have saved our company a lot of time and money! If you are on the fence about which IT company to work with, choose Roy and his team.

Sharon Barr Barr Associates

You Call, They Answer. Problem Solved!

WTTI has been working with Valley IT Solutions since 2009. I think that says it all. Their accessibility is what stands out to me as the biggest benefit to our company and it is what we value most. Yes, they are knowledgeable and consistently resolve our issues as well as work on new projects, but when it comes right down to it - Valley IT Solutions answers when we call. We have some experience with other IT providers, but the difference is that Roy and his team work with us. Instead of taking over a project and ensuring that we can only rely on them, Valley IT Solutions works with us and lets us manage some of the simpler tasks ourselves. If you need to decide between Valley IT Solutions and another provider, I suggest that you consider how important personalized, prompt, and reliable service is.

Tracy Wiswesser Welder Training & Testing Institute

IT Wizards That Help Grow My Business

Over the last two decades, Roy and his team at Valley IT Solutions have been true partners in the growth of my business. Knowing that I have a resource to handle the tech issues that challenge me allows me to focus on my insurance agency. Immediate responsiveness to the quirks and problems specific to my IT issues is what sets them apart from the other firms. Additionally, their ability to make complex situations simple is critical. Explaining the problem in simple terms means a great deal. I recommend Roy and Valley IT Solutions without reservation. They are simply a great fit for the needs of a small business owner. They listen, they explain, they act, they fix. Knowing they are there for me and my agency makes me feel protected. There ARE wizards among us!

Donna Hosfeld Owner
Hosfeld Insurance

Exceptional Small Business IT Support

Roy and his team know my business, which eliminates the need to explain what type of IT service or repair I need. This has saved me time - and helped my business grow. Valley IT Solutions’ personal touch puts them in class by themselves! Roy is very attentive to my needs, is always available, 7-days-a-week, and most importantly, he knows what I need as a small business owner. Other IT firms just look at you as a revenue stream, but Roy and his team take the time to discover your issues, set expectations and resolve your IT challenges. You can’t go wrong with Valley IT Solutions.

Mark Throne Principal Agent
C&K Insurance

Prompt Responsive Service

What I like best about Valley IT Solutions is that they are a small company and very personable. I appreciate the quick response times when I have an IT issue. And hey – your reasonable pricing fits my budget! If anyone needs an IT company for their small business, I suggest you call Roy and his team.

Barb Thomas Owner
Solutions Counseling

IT Solutions That Fit Your Business & Your Budget

Roy and his team at Valley IT Solutions ask about your end needs before creating an IT solution for your business. The system we have now is what best fits my company and budget. Since switching to Valley IT Solutions, we have gained remote access to our company files. That alone has been a big help, making a trip to the office unnecessary on days we are closed. It allowed me to be home with my family more during the COVID shutdown. You can trust Roy and his team to deliver only what you need. Switch your IT services to Valley IT Solutions. You will be glad you did.

Rayne Reitnauer CVT, Founder
Cold Nose Lodge

First-rate IT Partner!

Valley IT Solutions has been an incredible partner helping my business grow! I have worked with other companies in the past and Valley IT Solutions has the best customer service in the industry. Roy and his staff are on top of every need I have, and their onsite support is unmatched. I was lucky to find these guys. Do yourself a favor and find out what they can do for you!

Ryan Perreault Owner
Fortified Services

Simple, Efficient IT Services – On Demand

The best part about Valley IT Solutions is the simplicity and ease of getting questions answered and problems solved. Roy and his team are very responsive and efficient in handling all my IT-related needs. They really stand out in these two areas – and they are always very pleasant to deal with too. Check these guys out! They give you a complimentary session to review and understand your IT needs. I think you will find they are thorough, don’t waste your time, and are a real value for what you get!

Michell Landis Master Business Coach
Pinnacle 7

Time & Sanity Saving IT Services

As a small business, there is a tendency to ‘do it all in-house.’ But IT is very complex and getting more so by the day! Being able to free up valuable resources has been the biggest advantage to using Valley IT Solutions - coupled with having true experts to rely on. It is a relief that you can track down and research solutions to issues we’ve encountered. Let experts handle your IT, and free yourself up to do what you do best. There is a cost-benefit, but equally as important, there is a time-benefit…and you will not pull your hair out when trying to learn what an obscure error code means! Call Valley IT Solutions. Do it now!

Jennifer Mizak Founder
LM Group

Go with Valley IT Solutions for Knowledgeable Reliability!

We feel completely comfortable knowing that all our IT needs are being taken care of by Valley IT Solutions. They are always available to help us with any questions or concerns. We have worked with companies that were sometimes unreliable. With Valley IT Solutions, we do not worry whether we will get the proper information or IT solution in a timely manner. The best part is they are personable, helpful, and very knowledgeable!

Brandi Wanamaker Assistant Project Manager
Serfass Construction

Always There When You Need Them!

Your responsiveness to our emergency IT needs is the best in the business. We find your ongoing input into our long-term IT planning to be invaluable. Even better is the fact that your reliability and knowledge is delivered at a reasonable price.

Michael Wiswesser School Director
Welder Training & Testing Institute

Excellent Work at a Very Fair Price!

I have been using Roy/Valley IT for personal and business computer and network solutions and problems for many years. He also took care of networking and computers at a former employer of mine for many years and has done nothing but excellent work at a very fair price over the years.

Gordie Heft Owner
Home Run Appraisals
Williams Township, PA

Fast, Reliable Service

Roy came into my studio and helped me make sense out of my backup system. I couldn't figure it out to save my life, but within a few hours, everything was set and running perfectly.

Michael Smull Co-Founder and Chief Creative Design Director
Big Pixel Studio
Allentown, PA