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Custom Computer Systems

Why chose us over another branded system?

A few things to think about:

Another system could include low-grade hardware (which would explain the low price!) like low-quality audio chipsets, disposable printers, or problem-prone modems.

They will:
charge you shipping on the PC.
charge you shipping on the monitor.
charge you shipping on the printer.
charge you shipping on any other peripherals that are boxed separately.

Unless you pay for an on-site installation:

YOU have to configure your printer.
YOU have to complete the initial OS installation.
YOU have to setup TCP/IP configurations for your Internet provider.
...the list goes on...

...on top of all of that:

Warranty service could take more than two weeks. You may be required to ship your system back and forth. (Imagine...)

Technical support keeps you on hold...

What you get with us:

VALUE. You pay the price we quote, and you get industry-standard, high-quality components.

Your system is PRE-CONFIGURED to your specifications.

Warranty coverage on parts AND LABOR. Each component is covered by their respective manufacturer's warranty, as well. CPUs and hard disks are typically covered for three years.